Enterprise analytic platforms must adapt to users’ needs

Creating a collaborative analytics culture across the enterprise

Data is driving a business revolution as new analytics-based innovations arise across industries. Companies are moving beyond traditional analytics as use cases for machine learning, robotics, and automation become real. But companies must ensure their internal teams are receptive to…

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Pyramid 2019 “Year in Review”

As we transition to 2020, I wanted to take a moment to reflect on an incredible year. From our perspective, analytics and data topics dominated the business world. “Companies are in the midst of many profound changes,” wrote research and…

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Don’t Just Collect Data, Make it Work for You

Up until the recent past, the most pressing issue facing the data-driven community has been the cost of data collection and storage. Technological advancements in automated collection and the plummeting cost of data storage has nullified these issues dramatically and…

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