An End to KPI Misdirection

An End to KPI Misdirection: Aligning Data to Strategy

With the adoption of AI in business processes, KPIs can provide a window into the health of an organization at granular levels, crystalizing the performance picture and removing ambiguity.

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Frustrated Data Scientist

Why Analytics Platforms are Failing Your Data Scientists

With a saturated analytics and business intelligence (A&BI) market, why are we still struggling to make analytics platforms work for Data Scientists? And perhaps more importantly, why are we failing to see a return on our expensive Data Science initiatives? It’s not for a lack of effort, a lack of spending, or a lack of desire. So what’s the hold-up?

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Don’t Roll the Dice: Be A Data-Driven Entrepreneur

My last two posts got me thinking about how important data can be to an entrepreneur; especially during the early stages of growth, a well-defined data strategy can be integral to focusing and directing an entrepreneur’s efforts. With that in…

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Bootstrapping Vs Funding: Make a Data Driven Decision

One of the most impactful decisions an entrepreneur will be faced with is how they will choose to grow their endeavor. After a minimum viable product (MVP) is in the hands of customers, user data is being generated and collected,…

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